Updated Jan. 30, 2013

Welcome to the Shelby County Kentucky GOP!

We hope you will join us as we help shape local, state and national policy by electing Republican officials, training future leaders, and advocating our positions to the community.

2014 Lincoln Day Dinner

Saturday, Mar. 8, 2014
at 6 PM

Claudia Sanders Dinner House, Shelbyville, Ky


Feb 27: regular monthly meeting, 7 PM at the Stratton Center, 215 Washington Street, Shelbyville.

This meeting will be open to all registered Republicans, and donations of food items will be collected for the Food for Kids Backpack Program. Please call Chairman Jennifer Decker for more information, 502-773-2326.

Mar 8: Shelby County Lincoln Day Dinner, 6 PM at Claudia Sanders Dinner House, 3202 Shelbyville Rd, Shelbyville, KY 40065.

US Debt "ALARM" Clock Links - real-time figures

USDebtClock.org - purpose to inform the public of the financial condition of the United States of America.

DefeatTheDebt.com - is dedicated to educating Americans about the size, scope, and consequences of our rapidly escalating debt.

DaveManuel.com - an overview of the United States' national debt


If I wanted America to fail ...

from Free Market America
Apr. 22, 2012

The group Free Market America says the environmental agenda has "been infected by extremism" and has "become an economic suicide pact." So, to mark Earth Day, it put out this dramatic video outlining its arguments. "If I wanted America to fail" is quickly piling up views today. ... View the video

Kentucky business group gets behind industrial hemp, but hurdles remain

Sen. Hornback files bill

from kentucky.com
Jan 11, 2013

... Senate Bill 50, filed Friday by Republican Sen. Paul Hornback of Shelbyville, would require people to obtain a license to grow hemp if the federal government lifts its ban. Applicants would have to pass a criminal background check and copies of each license would be sent to Kentucky State Police. ... More

Sen. Paul plans to introduce bill that will nullify executive orders if they write new law

from cnsnews.com
Jan 17, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), arguing that President Barack Obama may be developing a "king complex," said that he plans to introduce a bill next week that "will nullify anything the president does that smacks of legislation." More

Montell pledges to continue charter school fight in 2013

By Dr Gary Houchens
June 25, 2012

CN2's Ryan Alessi interviewed Kentucky State Representative Brad Montell on Pure Politics last week. Montell is the leading advocate for charter schools in the General Assembly, and after several years of trying finally got a hearing in the House Education committee last year, though his bill lacked enough support for an official vote. ... More

Does government spending stimulate economies? Conclusion: NO

from Mercatus Ctr., George Mason Univ.

A few highlights of the study:

... if the government raises taxes by $1, the economy will shrink by $1.1.

Christina and David Romer look at the impact of tax cuts on the economy and conclude that the tax multiplier is about 3: $1 of tax cuts raises GDP by about $3.


Kentucky Energy Equation – EPA to cause a chain reaction through Kentucky’s economy

from bipps.org
June 20, 2012

On the Senate floor this morning, Sen. Mitch McConnell addressed his fellow legislators to explain the costliness that sweeping new Environmental Protection Agency regulations – like the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) mandate – will have on the Bluegrass State: “This regulation would expand the already massive powers given to the EPA by increasing red tape and costing the taxpayer over $10 billion dollars each year. In Kentucky alone, it threatens the jobs of over 1,400 people working in aluminum smelter plants as well as approximately 18,000 coal miners, not to mention those engaged in industries that support these jobs.” More

The end of class warfare: Time for America to grow up, or perish

from humanevents.com
by John Hayward

... “Assume that tax policy confiscated all the taxable income of all the ‘millionaires and billionaires’ Mr. Obama singled out. That yields merely about $938 billion, which is sand on the beach amid the $4 trillion White House budget, a $1.65 trillion deficit, and spending at 25% as a share of the economy, a post-World War II record. ... More

Dirty Spending Secrets
that Washington liberals don't want you to know

from DirtySpendingSecrets.com

Provided by the Heritage Foundation More

Kentucky state budget

from SunshineReview.org

**Information is a little outdated, but makes the budget information easier to understand.***

The state has a total state debt of $32,099,663,040 when calculated by adding the total of outstanding debt, pension and OPEB UAAL’s, unemployment trust funds and the 2010 budget gap as of July 2010. More

Jennifer Decker, Chairman

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